• Simplest and powerful home automation system.

    This simple app gives you access to your home from your phone and pc. It lets you know who is at home and what is going on inside by notifications.

  • Easy way to create complex home scenarios.

    Thanks browser-based editor you can create home automation without programming knowledge.

    All by drag, drop and connect nodes.

  • Control home climate by single finger.

    Allow heaters to reduce energy consumption by heat management if you are not at home in winter.

    System can detect your return home and then raises temperature.

Simplest home automation system.

The basic assumption of this project was to make simple solution for home automation with ability to create complex scenario creation as easy as possible.

Right now, I'm wondering whether it can be useful for someone else. So please take a look at this project and let me know whether you like this way and would like to support it.

The basic assumptions

Without programming

Almost all scenarios can be made by
drag & drop.

Super easy in use

Simple interface brings pleasure from using it.

Always in a pocket

Thanks to this app, you can control your home at any time.

Simple adding devices

Add supported components with two clicks.

Supported components by beta version.

Please find below examples of current supported components. The list will expand soon.

Switch Box (Single and Dual)

Wirelessly turning on or off main voltage electrical devices.


Dimmer Box

Switching and diming 230V lights in your home or office.


wLight Box

Control colourful (RGBW) and plain LED lighting.


Aeotec Multisensor 6

Temperature, humidity, light, UV, vibration sensor in one device.


Neo Door/Window Sensor

Simple sensor for monitoring status of doors and windows.


Neo Water Flood Sensor

Detector for potential water leaks from household appliances and installations.


Sensative Door / Window Strip

Ultra-thin magnetic sensor designed to monitor and protect the status of windows or doors.


Danfoss Thermostat

Offering complete in-house control of radiator heating.


Eurotronic Spirit

Another option to control of radiator heating.



Will be available in future.

Wi-Fi & Z-Wave

Abilities of system

By using this system, you will be able:

Ability to manage components remotely or by numerous home logic scenarios of actions.

  • Control temperature when you go out or back home.
  • Turn on the light in the vestibule when you come back home with hands full of shopping bags.
  • Turn on the night light in the toilet by using the same light switch, and prevent dazzling.

Your imagination is the limit.
In order to prepare scenarions, you do not need to know any programming language.

You can do it all using your computer and simple interface where you select components and its parameters.
If the situation at home requires your attention then you will be informed about that by push notification, sms or event phone call if needed.

  • When your child comes back home, you will get notification about that.
  • When you go out and left open windows, as well as it begins to rain in next few hours, then you will be warned.
  • If any water leak is detected at home, you will receive the flood alert.
  • If any move is recorded in your house when nobody is there, then you will be notified immediately.
In the future we will be able to give you an option to analyse historical data thereby suggest some actions.

  • Notice exceptions from the daily routines, such as when your child not back from school like always do.
  • If the weather forecasts says the summer heats, and flat is susceptible to them, then it will better to close windows and do not let the heat inside.

Mobile Application

Which gives you access to your home.

Single app for mobile and pc

Main application is prepared in PWA technology. Thanks that it works on your phone and pc.


You recive all important informations from your home.


You can always check history of your components like door sensor and check when it was opened.

Always in pocket

You can always have your home with you.

Simple in use

Simple interface brings pleasure from using it.

Access from everywhere

Manage components from any places on Earth with Internet access.

Browser-based home magic editor

This editor allows to easily create any scenario you will imagine (if A then B or C or D if E).

Easy editing

Browser-based flow editor that makes it easy to wire together flows using the wide range of nodes in the palette.

JS Functions

The light-weight runtime is built on Node.js, taking full advantage of its event-driven, non-blocking model. JavaScript functions can be created within the editor using a rich text editor.

Full view

It gives you full view of your home logic scenarios.

Ready nodes

The palette of nodes for making simple actions, like turning on light, detecting movements, sending notification and more.

More functions

Thanks to your suggestions, it is possible to add more functions which meets expectations.


The fallowing video to bring you closer to the app in simple daily use.

How it is working?

System is made of four modules, where all of them are connected each other and make the system super easy to use.

Showroom Application gives you access to your home with ability to do many actions such as changing temperature or checking wheter your child came back home.

Browser-based editor allows for easy wiring components together and creating or changing scenarios for your home.


Hub in your home, is a devices intended to connect all your components to prepared scenarios.

Historical data are saved on the server and this provides you the preview of information recorded in the past.

Do you like it?

Let me know if you want to test this solution
and more.

Thanks that you will be able to test this system on your own skin and get something extra in return for your opinion ;-)


Made in Poland

Have a nice day!